Water Coolers with Hot Water Option

Water Coolers and Dispenser SystemsThe latest in design from trusted manufacturers Borg & Overström, these elegantly designed chilled water machines will grace any environment.

Choose from a traditional bottled water version for that refreshing taste, or opt for the convenience of the plumbed version, delivering filtered water at the touch of a button.

    Borg & Overström B1 Water Cooler

  • Bottled Water Cooler Model B1
  • The B1 water cooler is a clean, sleek, sophisticated and ultra-modern design that will suit the majority of locations including health, office and industrial sectors.

    It is available in both bottled water and plumbed-in versions.

    • Key Features:

    • Rugged and intuitive push tap controls
    • Cold, ambient and hot temperature versions
    • Easy-change bottle
    • Integral cup dispenser
    • Dimensions in mm: 415W x 1310H x 520D
  • Plumbed Water Cooler Model B1

    Plumbed-in Version

    Borg & Overström B2 Water Cooler

  • Plumbed Water Cooler Model B2
  • The B2 model water cooler is available as a floorstanding model, or a tabletop versions suitable for kitchen counters.

    The styling is both classic and timeless.

    • Key Features:

    • Simple to use
    • Easy to maintain
    • Floorstanding or tabletop versions
    • Dimensions in mm: 380W x 1060H x 325D
      (Floorstanding model)
    • Dimensions in mm: 380W x 475H x 325D
      (Tabletop model)
  • Tabletop Version

    Borg & Overström B3 Water Cooler

  • Water Cooler Model B3
  • Built on the legendary reliability of the B2 model, the equally stylish B3 adds more features such as a larger dispense area to accommodate taller bottles, in addition to a sparkling water option.

    Cold, ambient and hot water is also available.

    • Key Features:

    • Sparkling water option
    • Integral cup dispenser
    • Tall dispense area
    • Dimensions in mm: 365W x 1060H x 325D
      (Floorstanding model)
    • Dimensions in mm: 370W x 475H x 315D
      (Tabletop model)
  • Tabletop Water Cooler Model B3

    Tabletop Version

    Borg & Overström B4 Water Cooler

  • Narrow Water Cooler Model B4
  • The cutting edge of water cooler design, our B4 model offers a large dispense area, compact depth and flexible water options.

    Suitable for uses from boardroom to sports and leisure centre, the B4 should be seen as the premium solution to water coolers.

    • Key Features:

    • Sparkling water option
    • Integral cup dispenser on floorstanding model
    • Dimensions in mm: 420W x 1325H x 470D
      (Floorstanding model)
    • Dimensions in mm: 470W x 415H x 320D
      (Tabletop model)
  • Shallow Tabletop Water Cooler Model B4

    Tabletop Version

    Borg & Overström B5 Water Dispenser

  • Borg & Overström B4 Water Dispenser
  • A beautiful new take on the original water fountain design, the elegant, clean sophistication of the B5 will enhance any breakout area.

    Easy push button operation will deliver cold and ambient water, with options of hot and sparkling where required.

    The shrouded dispense nozzle ensures hygienic operation for all users.

    • Key Features:

    • Sparkling option
    • Hot water option
    • Dual integral cup dispensers
    • Dimensions in mm: 520W x 1310H x 415D
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    Borg & Overström F4 Water Fountain

  • The F4 is the classic water fountain model, robust and timeless, yet utilising the latest innovative Direct Chill technology.

    Direct Chill gives the F4 optimum performance in demanding environments and unrivalled hygienic qualities.

    • Key Features:

    • Bottles tap and direct drinking nozzle
    • Simple operation
    • Robust construction
    • Chilled water
    • Dimensions in mm: 360W x 1230H x 270D
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