Borg & Overström B2

Bottled or Plumbed Water Cooler

Making Vending Safer

The Borg & Overström B2 is available with Sterizen Antimicrobial touchscreen protectors. Click for more details.

The B2 represents the classic, robust and well-tested water cooler. Stylishly simple, the B2 comes in many variations for any situation:

The B2 in Bottled, Plumbed, Tabletop Bottled and Tabletop Plumbed Versions
  • Hot, Ambient and Chilled
  • Floor-standing or Tabletop
  • Bottle or Plumbed
Floor-standing machine, plumbed:

Width: 325mm | Height: 1060mm | Depth 365mm

Tabletop machine height: 475mm

Add 450mm (approx.) to height for bottled water machines

Dispense area height: 185mm

Available in black, white or silver