Ethical Trading


Platino is a Registered Fairtrade Supplier.

The Fairtrade mark is an independent label which appears on products as an independent guarantee that disadvantage producers in the developing world are getting a better deal. For a product to display the Fairtrade mark it must meet the International Fairtrade Standards. These standards are set by the International Fairtrade Labelling Organisation International. Producer’s organisations that supply Fairtrade products are inspected and certified by FLO. They receive a minimum price that covers the cost of sustainable production and an extra premium that is invested in social economic development projects.

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Rainforest Alliance

Platino is a supporter of the Rainforest Alliance.

The Rainforest Alliance is a leading non-profit conservation organisation operating in over 50 countries. They collaborate with farmers, workers, business leaders and local communities to develop and implement standards in coffee farming that are sociably and environmentally responsible, as well as economically viable. The Rainforest Alliance certification stands for a sustainable future for coffee farming. It is for these reasons Platino recommend the use of Kenco coffee. Kraft are committed to blending Rainforest Alliance certified coffee into their major brands such as Kenco, Maxwell House, as well as introducing a unique range of 100% Kenco sustainable coffee for vending.

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