Platino and CQUIN


CQUIN (Commissioning for Quality and Innovation) is an initiative by the NHS to further raise standards throughout the National Health Service.

There are thirteen key areas of CQUIN, called ‘indicators’, and indicators 1a and 1b are particularly relevant to the Vending Industry. Platino has recently worked with the NHS initative to identify suitable products that will assist hospitals to achieve CQUIN indicators 1a, 1b, and offer some assistance with indicator 1c.

CQUIN Indicator 1a:

“Improve staff health and wellbeing”

A significant part of CQUIN 1a is the reduction of work-related stress. Unreliable, unsuitable and poorly-maintained vending equipment is a recognised source of stress for the staff of any organisation. Here, Platino can bring over 30 years of experience to supply the correct equipment for any situation. In addition, we provide a first class replenishment service ensuring products are always available. Finally, should anything go wrong, our 24 hour, 7 day service will respond promptly. Knowing the vending services can be fully relied upon is one less thing for all staff to be concerned about.

Recommended Equipment

Crane ICON

Hot Drinks Machine

  • Coffeehouse quality drinks
  • Intuitive interface with pictorial buttons
  • 21″ Media screen
  • Energy efficient

Merchant MEDIA

Snacks & Confectionery

  • Proven reliablity
  • Large capacity of snacks or snacks & bottled drinks
  • Nutritional info display
  • Disability height compliant


Bottled drinks

  • Durable construction
  • Large capacity and up to 36 unique selections
  • Nutrional info display
  • Disability height compliant

Shopper 2

Sandwiches, Fruit & Meals

  • One handed use
  • Tried and tested technology and new enhancements
  • Highly configurable
  • Energy efficient

CQUIN Indicator 1b:

“Healthy food for NHS staff, visitors and patients”

Platino helps the acheivement of CQUIN 1b by providing healthier options in the specified ratio. We also encourage staff and visitors alike to make healthier choices from the vending machines by providing nutrional information at the point of sale and restricting the promotion of less healthy choices.

For 2017/2018 the guidelines are:

  • 60% of confectionery and sweets sold do not exceed 250kcal
  • 70% of drink lines stocked must be sugar free
    (less than 5 grams of sugar per 100ml)
  • 60% of pre-packed sandwiches or meals contain less than 400kcal per serving

For 2018/2019 the guidelines will be:

  • 80% of confectionery and sweets sold do not exceed 250kcal
  • 80% of drink lines stocked must be sugar free
    (less than 5 grams of sugar per 100ml)
  • 75% of pre-packed sandwiches or meals contain less than 400kcal per serving

Healthier Option
Hot Drinks

MILFRESH Milk Granules are made with 100% dairy ingredients and goodness. Milfresh is low in calories and free from hydrogenated vegetable oils. As well as being the healthier choice, it gives a truly authentic flavour when used for cappuccinos and lattes from automatic vending machines.

MILFRESH Chocolate contains Milfresh and gives a creamier, more comforting taste than traditional chocolate powder mixes. It is also free of hyrogenated vegetable oils, and low in fat and sugar.

Healthier Option Cold Drinks

Platino takes care to stock a range of sugar free cold drinks into its machines. For the purposes of CQUIN, sugar free means either no sugar or up to 5 grams of sugar per 100ml of drink. In addition, we are actively monitoring existing products which are due for reformulation into a sugar free or low sugar drink.

In August 2017, cold drinks such as Lucozade Energy Pink Lemonade and Caribbean Crush are due for reformulation and can then be rated as a healthier option. Similarly, Ribena Blackcurrant and Lucozade Energy Cherry are due for refomulation in November 2017.

Healthier Option Confectionery

Most of our leading lines such as Mars, Snickers, Twix, Cadburys Snack, Twirl and KitKat are already less than 250kcal per serving when stocked as standard sizes.

Here is a selection of our healthier options, which in some cases are half the calorific value of our leading lines:

Product Kcal Per Serving
Nutri-grain Strawberry 131
Alpen Light 64
Go Ahead Apple 57
Oat So Simple Bar 142
Nakd Berry Delight 135
Bear YoYo Bar 27

Healthier Option Snacks

For healthier option snacks, we have a range of lower fat and lower calorie light alternatives to traditional crisps:

Product Pack Size Kcal per serving
Walkers Sunbites 28g 134
Velvet Crunch 20g 87
Golden Lights 21g 95


In a hospital environment where certain foodstuffs might be difficult for patients receiving treatment to eat, we have selected the following items, which are also low in fat and low in sugar:

Product Kcal per serving Additional Information
Muller Light Yoghurt 51 Low fat & low sugar
Muller Rice Mini Pots 101 Low fat & low sugar
Strawberry Jelly 6 No added sugar
Banana (medium size) 80 approx. Naturally healthy!

Healthier Option Sandwiches

In order to meet the CQUIN Guideline of 60% of available sandwiches containing less than 400kcal per serving and less than 5g saturated fat per 100g, Platino suggests these sandwich fillings:

Filling Kcal per serving Saturated fat per 100g
Prawn Mayo 357 0.7g
Tuna Mayo 313


Salmon & cucumber 390 2.6g
Ham 292 3.3g
Chicken & sweecorn 370 0.5g
Egg Mayo & Cress 346 1.5g
Chicken Mayo 374 0.8g

Healthier Option Pre-packed Meals

In addition to being lower in calories and saturated fat, certain pre-packed meals are available as lactose free, gluten free, and halal:



Meal Kcal per serving Saturated fat per 100g Dietary requirement
Chilli con carne 361 1.7g LF
Tuna fusilli 300 202g Halal
Fusilli bolognese 366 2.4g
Beef lasagne 399 3.8g
Vegetable pasta 270 0.9g Halal
Burgers with rice 314 3.9g LF
All day breakfast 314 3.3g LF
Vegetarian breakfast 207 0g GF


CQUIN Indicator 1c:

 “Improve the uptake of flu vaccinations for front line staff”

 While CQUIN Indicator 1c might not be considered to be within the usual scope of a vending company, even here Platino can assist.

We have a range of hot drinks machines with programmable media screens. This can be very useful for displaying all kinds of information at the point of use of the drinks machine. A prompt such as the one shown in the visualisation could help hospitals acheive their goals in this respect.

The media display can be programmed for other information, such as events, meeting reminders, and nutritional information.

Media screen visualisation


The selection of machines and foodstuffs shown in this presentation shows that Platino will assist all hospitals in achieving the goals set by the CQUIN Guidelines for 2017 through to 2019.

Please contact us for further information.