Specialty Vending

We are continually expanding our range of equipment and services to accommodate the needs of our customers. Some of our new ideas for vending are shown below – all designed to reduce administration and increase efficiency in the workplace.

Medi-Vend for Hospitals

This is relatively new in the vending sector but is becoming more popular. Medi-Vend can reduce casual theft and increase traceability of important and valuable medical supplies.

For staff to obtain and items, they simply insert their card into the reader which will record the following:

  • The vending system number (location of machine)
  • Date and time of item dispensed
  • Employees’ name and their ID details
  • Details of the item dispensed

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Vending

One of the main advantages in using PPE Vending Machines is to display your commitment to H&S compliance and increase staff efficiency.

With personal safety in the workplace, the systems are designed to correctly store all types of safety equipment in an efficient and organised manner. Contractors are not allowed to work on construction sites without their Personal Safety wear. If a contractor forgets their hi-vis vest or goggles etc. a spare set can be easily purchased from one of these machines.

In order for a contractor to obtain an item, this can work in a similar way to the above which will allow you to charge the contractor as part of the end of month billing. In addition a coin mechanism can be fitted so the item can be purchased in the usual way.

Vending Outside the Box

We are extremely flexible when sourcing alternative specialised machines, we are always willing to offer practical solutions and advice where possible. Our customised vending and branding programmes with full vinyl graphics may just be the advantage your company needs to prosper in today’s fast-paced marketplaces, where customers want goods at their convenience.

Some examples of items suitable for dispensing by vending machines include:

  • Headache Tablets
  • Sticking Plasters
  • Batteries
  • Books
  • Birthday & Greeting Cards
  • Tights
  • Books of Stamps
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Repair Kit

…in fact almost anything that can fit within the spiral!

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