Solutions for Factories

Platino’s business was partly built on supplying vending to factories in London and the South East

The factory environment demands reliability from all of its equipment. Platino is very experienced in providing the right equipment – and service – for even 24-hour, 7-day operations, including virtual, unmanned canteen areas.

Our Suggestions | Hot Drinks

The Java

The Java is a proven and robust floor-standing hot drinks vending machine with a full range of coffees and teas. Hard-wearing push button operation makes it ideal for demanding environments.

The Icon

The Icon is new to the market for 2017 . Simple button-per-drink operation and the option of a video screen for promotions are outstanding features.

Our Suggestions | Food, Snacks & Cold Drinks

The Snackpoint

The Snackpoint is a substantial machine delivering both snacks and bottled drinks in the one convenient package. The combination of the two types of machine allows it to be installed at multiple locations to reduce downtime and increase convenience.

The Easy 6000

The Easy 6000 visually matches the Snackpoint range and is designed for plated meals, sandwiches and other perishable foodstuffs.

It is also available with a separate microwave cabinet, transforming it into an unmanned canteen.

Shown with microwave cabinet

Our Suggestions | Water

The Borg & Overström B3

The B3 comes in bottled or plumbed versions, and as a tabletop too.

The Borg & Overström F4

The B & O F4 is the classic water fountain, and needs no cups, excellent for where cup disposal could be a problem.

Vending Surrounds


Banking your vending machines in a surround gives greater security and a neater approach to multi-machine situations. We can design bespoke solutions and graphics to suit your location.


Banked vending machines example – ‘American Diner’ theme

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