Water Coolers

We use the latest in water cooler technology and design from trusted manufacturers Borg & Overström; these elegantly designed chilled water machines will grace any environment.

Choose from a traditional bottled water cooler for that refreshing spring water taste, or opt for the convenience of the plumbed version, delivering filtered water at the touch of a button.

B3 Water Coller Machine

The Long and the Short of it

We have all the variations of water coolers available:

  • Touch-free foot pedal operation available
  • Floor-standing bottled
  • Floor-standing plumbed
  • Tabletop bottled
  • Tabletop plumbed

Water machines can be supplied with chilled and ambient taps, or you can add a hot water facility for maximum convenience.

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"Water is the driving force of all nature"

- Leonardo da Vinci