Solutions for Meeting Rooms

High quality drinks are a must for business meetings

We have a range of solutions for all sizes of meeting rooms that will both satisfy staff and impress your customers alike. Two of the more popular hot drinks models are shown below. A water machine that can accept jugs for the board table completes the picture.

Our Suggestions | Hot Drinks

The Primo

In the Primo, fresh coffee bean-to-cup drinks combine with an eye-catching design to provide a high-capacity tabletop machine suitable for busy meeting rooms. Quality coffeehouse-style drinks are assured.

The Flavia C500

The C500 is a single-serve tabletop sachet machine that is simplicy itself to operate and requires very little maintenance. Individual sugar and milk make it easy for everyone to have their drink made exactly to their taste.

Our Suggestions | Water

The Borg & Overström B3

An integrated cup dispenser (even in the tabletop version) and a sparkling water option will satisfy the whole team. The dispense area is tall enough to be able to fill jugs for the meeting or boardroom table.

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