Vending Payment Systems


Wave & Pay Systems, Pay by Phone

Wave & Pay

We have the latest in cashless payment systems coming to the vending world.

Wave and pay contactless systems are available for locations where cash would be considered inconvenient or insecure . Wave and pay can also work alongside traditional cash payment systems to provide a number of payment options to staff and members of the public alike.

Pay by Phone

Using a mobile phone for payment is gaining ground in traditional retailing, and with a raft of other features is now viable for the vending world.

To use Pay by Phone, an app is downloaded from the appropriate store for the device. The phone and the vending machine can then be connected wirelessly by using a QR Code. The phone’s app can be charged with credit using coins or notes, credit and debit cards or via PayPal.

Apart from a payment system, Pay by Phone offers some amazing features:

  • The app can display allergen and nutritional information for the products in the machine
  • The app can receive user feedback
  • Discounts can be given at certain times or as a surprise bonus – remotely by an administrator
  • Promotions and staff notices can be sent to the app
  • We can even wish someone Happy Birthday and offer a discount or free purchase!

Of course, full usage statistics are available and when used as the sole payment system potential issues such as cash security and cash handling problems are eliminated.

Coin & Note

Cash is currently the standard choice for vending machine payment systems, and today’s sophisticated coin mechanisms offer reliability borne from years of development, together with the convenience of change giving incorporated in the same unit.

Where higher value items are being dispensed such as plated meals or luxury items in the hotel industry, it makes send to offer a note reader so that a lack of enough small change does not inconvenience your customers.