Solutions for Schools & Colleges

Platino has over 30 years experience supplying vending for schools & colleges

We have successfully fulfilled the many requirements of schools and colleges with our wide range of machines and comprehesive service packages. From staff room to refectory, all eventualities can be catered for. A small selection of our solutions is shown below.

Our Suggestions | Hot Drinks

The Neo

Typically installed in the refectory or a large staff room, the Neo is a sophisticated but easy to operate fully automatic floor-standing hot drinks machine.

The Flavia C200

The C200 is perfect for staff rooms and VIP reception areas, offering very high quality drinks and the versatility of small size and a manual fill option.

Our Suggestions | Snacks & Cold Drinks

The Merchant 4 and 6

The Merchant 4 and its larger sister machine the Merchant 6 are both ideal in busy refectory areas due to their reliability and large capacity.

The Necta Melodia

The Melodia makes one vending machine ultra-versatile by being able to dispense snacks, healthier options, bottled water, soft drinks and cans from one machine, all in a space-saving design.

The BevMAX 4

The BevMAX 4 is ideal for the large refectory having both a large capacity and an extended range of bottled drinks.

Our Suggestions | Water

Westomatic Azure

The Azure is a high capacity floor-standing water cooler with pay vend option to help reduce cross-contamination from sports bottles in public areas.

The Borg & Overström B3

The B3 comes in bottled or plumbed versions, and as a tabletop too.

The Borg & Overström F4

The B & O F4 is the classic water fountain, needs no cups and is well suited to the refectory, corridors and public areas.

Vending Surrounds


Banking your vending machines in a surround gives greater security and a neater approach to multi-machine situations. We can design bespoke solutions and graphics to suit your location.


Banked vending machines virtual image for a Platino client

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