Solutions for Offices

State-of-the-art machines in banked installation

For the larger office, we offer state-of-the-art automatics for central refreshment locations, and premium machines to serve smaller groups in multiple break out areas. Whatever the requirement, Platino has a machine to match.

Our Suggestions | Hot Drinks

The Step

Possibly the finest floor-standing machine available, the smoked glass frontage and range innovative features make the Step a natural starting point for the large & medium offices.

The 1500S

Trendy and up-to-the minute – the 1500S tabletop is a professional quality machine that is equally home at home in the office. Automatic barista style drinks – with fresh milk. Hard to beat if flavour is your priority.

Our Suggestions | Food, Snacks & Cold Drinks

The Merchant MEDIA

Touch screen interactive operation and the combination of snacks and cold drinks make the MEDIA the obvious choice for single and multi-machine installations. It combines a high capacity with a wide range of selections too.

The BevMAX 4

If you need high capacity bottled drinks, the BevMAX 4 is our choice.

The Shopper 2

The Shopper 2 is a versatile fresh food machine that will dispense plated meals, sandwiches as well as snacks and soft drinks. Often used in isolated locations or where around the clock refreshment is required.

Our Suggestions | Water

The Borg & Overström B3

The B3 comes in bottled or plumbed versions, and as a tabletop too.

The Borg & Overström B5

The B5 is high-end solution with self-illumination and integral cup dispensers.

Vending Surrounds


Banking your vending machines in a surround gives greater security and a neater approach to multi-machine situations. We can design bespoke solutions and graphics to suit your location.


Banked vending machines virtual image for a Platino client

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