Air Touch for Vending Machines

New Hygiene and Risk Management System for Coffetek OCS, HoReCa and Vending automatic machines to ensure consumers safety & security

Touch-free Vending Machines

Air Touch Distance Selection is a new technology that allows vending machine users to operate the machines at a safe distance of up to two centimetres. This is an important step forward in reducing the risk of transmission of bacteria and viruses such as the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Air Touch can be retrofitted. It is available for the following machines:

• All Coffetek Tabletop Machines
• The Coffetek Neo and Step:

Please contact us to enquire about Air Touch for these machines.

Touch Screen Stylus Pens

For other vending machines that are not yet capable of using Air Touch, a touch screen stylus pen can be issued to staff to operate any vending machine, whether it has a touch screen operation or a standard mechanical button interface.

Video: How Vending Can Be Safer

Using  vending machines means having far fewer touch points than preparing drinks by hand.