Stevia for Vending MachinesStevia is a zero-calorie sugar replacement made from the stevia plant. It has been created to have the same sweetness as sugar, have the same gram throw and match the bulk density of sugar too. Vending operators can replace the vending machine sugar selection with Stevia without making any changes.

6g of sugar = 23 calories
6g of Stevia = 0 calories

About the Stevia Plant

The stevia plant is a green, leafy plant that is native to South America. Refined Stevia sweetener does not resemble the plant. Stevia sweetener is made from a refined version of the plant’s isolated sweet compounds, ‘stevioside’ and ‘rebaudioside A’. Sometimes Stevia is confused with Truvia®, but Truvia® is a blend of compounds and is a brand name of the Cargill Corporation.

Quick Facts

  • Natural plant-based sweetener
  • Zero calories
  • Same sweetness as sugar
  • Same density as sugar
  • Replaces sugar in vending machines without making any changes to the machine.

Stevia Plant