Necta Melodia Combi

Combination snacks and cold drinks machine, with sandwich tray option

The Melodia takes the space-saving brief of the ‘combi’ machine one stage further by being of a narrow design. It also shorter than a typical machine of this type, enabling it to be sited under stairwells and the like. In addition, the Melodia is front-ventilated allowing it to be flush with the wall behind. The product compartment is lit by energy-saving LED ligthing, and a low-consumption chiller unit further enhances its green credentials.

The Melodia can also be configured with temperature-controlled sandwich and food trays, called the ‘Melodia Top’.

  • Space-saving design
  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • Highly efficient cooling system
  • Front ventilation system
  • Temperature-controlled sandwich / food option

Width 713mm | Height 1700mm | Depth 813mm

Necta Melodia Combination Snacks & Cold Drinks