Borg & Overström B3

Plumbed water cooler 

Making Vending Safer

Borg & Overström B3 and B4 models are now available with foot pedal operation. Click for more details.

Making Vending Safer

The Borg & Overström B3 is available with Sterizen Antimicrobial touchscreen protectors. Click for more details.

The Borg & Overström B3 is a development of the popular B2 model with the option of sparkling water and a larger dispense area to accomodate taller sports bottles and jugs.

It also has an integrated cup dispenser, making it one of the neater solutions to water refreshment.

All models are available in white, silver and black
  • Hot, ambient, chilled & sparkling options
  • Floor-standing or tabletop
  • Touch panel selection
  • Auto-illuminated dispense area
  • Foot pedal operation option

Floor-standing machine:

Width 310mm | Height 1065mm | Depth 370mm

Tabletop machine:

Width 310mm | Height 475mm | Depth 370mm

Dispense area height: 210mm

Foot Pedal Operation

To dramatically reduce the risk of spreading touch-transmittable bacteria and viruses by hand, a foot pedal option is now available for Borg & Overström B3 and B4 models.

The foot pedal accessory enables hands-free operation and comes in in either two or three pedal versions to suit the water cooler’s specification.

Foot Pedal Operated Water Cooler

Foot pedal operation for Borg & Overström B3 and B4 models