ViTap. A refreshing way to reduce plastic waste.


Under-counter hot and chilled filtered water system.

The ViTap is an under-counter water system using mains water and high-quality BRITA filtration to dispense the fresh-tasting water expected from the brand.

The ViTap can be configured to dispense chilled, ambient, sparkling and hot water. The dispense height is designed to accomodate reusable containers, dramatically reducing plastic waste in the form of cups and bottles, and eliminating the need for storage of such items.

The tap itself is simplicity itself to use, touch-operation providing a safely regulated flow of water.

  • Chilled, ambient, sparkling or hot versions
  • Discrete under-counter cooling unit
  • BRITA filtered water
  • Eco-friendly concept

Width 138mm | Height 325mm | Depth 165mm

Dispense height 240mm

Brita ViTap 302 305


ViTap Head

ViTap Touch Controller

Tea with filtered water

Filtration improves tea

ViTap 30 with equipment

ViTap with under-counter unit