Coffetek Vitro M3 Milk

Tabletop hot drinks with fresh milk

Foamed milk, cappuccinos, layered lattes and velvety hot chocolates prepared with freshly ground coffee beans and soft sweet fresh milk. Based on the popular Vitro series, Vitro Fresh Milk provides a range of high quality consistent drinks at the touch of a button. The espresso experience has been enhanced with a dual spout delivery system akin to traditional espresso machines. A variable dispense position allows the use of different size cups without affecting drink quality.

The new iconic selection system which floats before your eyes offers the consumer a simple intuitive user interface.

The Vitro M3  Milk incorporates a range of soluble products including dry milk, unique features allow you to switch to dry milk during periods where the fresh milk system cannot be maintained (weekends for example).

  • Fresh milk system
  • Dual steam boiler
  • Every vend cleaning
  • Touch screen
  • Auto dry milk switching

Vitro M3Machine only

Width 430mm | Height 790mm | Depth 550mm

Vitro M3Including cup tidy and milk container

Width 967mm | Height 790mm | Depth 550mm

Milk Container

Height 550mm

Vitro M3 shown with cup tidy and milk container