Franke FoamMaster 850

Tabletop professional coffee machine

The Franke FoamMaster lives up to its name by delivering perfect milk foam automatically while handling two different types of milk. The drink selection process is driven by a large touch screen showing the drinks in an easy-to-understand pictorial format.

In addition, the FoamMaster features optional an double chamber chocolate powder dispenser (for different powders) and automatic dosing of three flavours of coffee syrup. A truly well-specified professional coffee machine.

  • Professional quality drinks
  • Unique FoamMaster technology
  • Up to three precision grinders
  • Coffee syrup dosing
  • Screen-guided cleaning process


Width 300mm | Height 735mm | Depth 580mm

Milk refrigeration unit:

Width 300mm | Height 570mm | Depth 580mm

Flavour Station (coffee syrups):

Width 200mm | Height 570mm | Depth 458mm

Shown with milk refrigeration unit and coffee syrup module

Franke FoamMaster drink selection touch screen