AA Arctic Revolution 75B

AA Arctic Revolution 75B

AA Arctic Revolution 75B

Tabletop POU Water Cooler

The Arctic Revolution 75B represents a signifcant upgrade to the previous model. A smart contemporary design with a small footprint and low height make it ideal for siting on ktichen and breakout areas where cupboards overhang the work surface. The Revolution 75B can be fitted with a KLARAN UVC LED self-sanitising processor and a contactless kit to reduce hand-to-tap contamination.

  • Narrow footprint and low height
  • Dispensing height of 23cm
  • Hourly chilled capacity 10L
  • Hygiene Guard reduces the risk of cross-contamination
  • Flood Guard protects against large-scale flooding
  • Optional self-sanitising / contactless operation kit
Width 240mm | Height 373mm | Depth 488mm
Arctic Revolution 75B Water Cooler
Arctic Revolution 75B Water Cooler Front View

AA Arctic Revolution 75B Front View




Under-counter hot and filtered ambient water tap system

The AA EZYTAP range is an integrated hot and cold water system, ideal for situations where a stand-alone water cooler is not possible or desirable, such as in a fully-fitted breakout room. The water system itself is designed to be hidden away under a counter, typically in a ktichen-style cabinet; the stylish electronic tap behind the only part visible. A matching drip tray can be specified as an alternative to using a sink, keeping the two areas separate for further ease of use.

Cold water is filtered to remove any odours and off-tastes giving a flavour comparable to bottled water, whilst being far more ecologically sound by not using any single-use plastics. Hot water is passed through a scale inhibitor and heated to a maximum of 95°C to provide for refreshing teas and coffees.

The electronic control tap is touch operated and and features a safety device for hot water. The control tap’s height is 200mm.

  • Chrome touch tap
  • Hourly output of 14 litres hot water
  • Unlimited ambient water
  • Filtered water
  • Chilled water option available (model 7800)


Height 200mm

Under-counter ambient unit

Width 220mm | Height 329mm | Depth 352mm

Under-counter additional chiller (model 7800)

Width 200mm | Height 265mm | Depth 380mm

AA EZYTAP75 Under Counter Water Dispenser


Tap controller panel

AA Jazz 1000 and 1100

AA Jazz 1000 and 1100

AA Jazz 1000 and 1100

Water Coolers – Tabletop or Floor-standing, Bottled or Plumbed POU

The AA Jazz 1000 and 1100 ranges are arguably the most familiar of all water coolers. This is thanks to their economy, reliabilty and a configuration for almost any situation.

The 1000 range is a bottled water cooler available as either a floor-standing or tabletop model with no loss of performance for the smaller version. In addition, either model is available as an ambient & chilled water machine, or as a hot and chilled water version.

The 1100 has all the same options of the 1000 but is a point of use machine, requiring a plumbed water connection.

  • Low cost unit
  • Legendary reliability
  • Available as ambient & chilled or hot & chilled
  • Bottled or plumbed POU (point of use)
  • 18 litres per hour chilled water (approx.)
  • 5 litres per hour hot water (approx.)
  • Unlimited ambient water (1100 models)

Floor-standing machine, plumbed (1100)

Width 340mm | Height 1015mm | Depth 335mm

Tabletop machine, plumbed (1100)

Width 340mm | Height 550mm | Depth 335mm

Add 450mm (approx.) to height for bottled water (1000) machines

AA Jazz 1000 Bottled Water Cooler

AA Jazz 1100 Plumbed POU Water Cooler

AA WFP9T Foot Pedal Water Fountain

AA WFP9T Foot Pedal Water Fountain

AA WFP9T Foot Pedal Water Fountain

Contactless Water Fountain

A new contactless solution to dispensing water, the AA WFP9T is designed for filling bottles, cups and glasses by using foot pedal operation. This reduces the risk of viral cross-contamination through a tap or button.

The machine delivers 26 litres per hour of chilled water, and requires a waste for drainage.

  • Contacless foot-pedal operation
  • Dispense area height of 250mm
  • Up to 26 litres of chilled water per hour
  • Polished stainless steel body

Width 305mm | Height 1015 mm | Depth 305mm

AA WFP9T Water Fountain with Foot Pedal Operation

Borg & Overström B3

Borg & Overström B3

Borg & Overström B3

Plumbed water cooler 

Making Vending Safer

Borg & Overström B3 and B4 models are now available with foot pedal operation. Click for more details.

Making Vending Safer

The Borg & Overström B3 is available with Sterizen Antimicrobial touchscreen protectors. Click for more details.

The Borg & Overström B3 is a development of the popular B2 model with the option of sparkling water and a larger dispense area to accomodate taller sports bottles and jugs.

It also has an integrated cup dispenser, making it one of the neater solutions to water refreshment.

All models are available in white, silver and black
  • Hot, ambient, chilled & sparkling options
  • Floor-standing or tabletop
  • Touch panel selection
  • Auto-illuminated dispense area
  • Foot pedal operation option

Floor-standing machine:

Width 310mm | Height 1065mm | Depth 370mm

Tabletop machine:

Width 310mm | Height 475mm | Depth 370mm

Dispense area height: 210mm

Foot Pedal Operation

To dramatically reduce the risk of spreading touch-transmittable bacteria and viruses by hand, a foot pedal option is now available for Borg & Overström B3 and B4 models.

The foot pedal accessory enables hands-free operation and comes in in either two or three pedal versions to suit the water cooler’s specification.

Foot Pedal Operated Water Cooler

Foot pedal operation for Borg & Overström B3 and B4 models