Crane Merchant 4 MEDIA Touch

Snacks vendor

The Crane Merchant 4 is a snack machine particularly suited to dispensing crisps, nuts, corn snacks and chocolate bars.

The Merchant 4 Touch is also available as a ‘Combi‘ machine, meaning the lower shelves can be stocked with bottled soft drinks and spring water. A large capacity version called the Merchant 6 is also available.

The machine is designed for reliabilty – the mechanical parts are tested for a minimum life of an incredible 14 years.

The Merchant 4 is now available in PPE livery for the purposes of dispensing PPE health and safety equipment.

  • Snacks with bottled drinks and food tray options
  • Health control for food tray
  • Large version – Merchant 6 – for increased capacity
  • Keypad or touch screen versions
Merchant 4

Width 895mm | Height 1830mm | Depth 810mm

Merchant 6

Width 1180mm | Height 1830mm | Depth 810mm

Merchant 4 shown in standard and PPE livery