Easy 6000

All foods vendor

The Westomatic Easy 6000 is floor-standing food vending machine, suitable for perishable items such as sandwiches, savoury items like sausage rolls, and also fruit. The rotating drum design means that almost any shape of item can be vended, including cans & bottled drinks and chocolate bars. The drums compartment size is adjustable making it one of the most versatile vending machines available.

Sophisticated health and safety systems only allow perishable items to be sold that are within their recommended shelf life.

  • Eight drum configuration
  • Three selling prices per drum
  • Compact dimensions
  • Near silent refrigeration system
  • LED lighting

Width 910mm | Height 1830mm | Depth 800mm

Easy Kitchen

Microwave cabinet

A companion product to the Easy 6000, the Easy Kitchen provides housing for up to two professional microwave ovens, making the two machines into an efficient self-service kitchen.