Westomatic Snackpoint

Snacks vendor, with canned & bottled drinks and food options

The Westomatic Snackpoint is a range of snack, food and drinks vendors in various combinations.

The Quattro and Quinto are snack only machines, while their ‘Max’ versions add a canned & bottled drinks facility.

The Duo M or L models are fully featured and apart from vending snacks and cold drinks they have a dual zone temperature cabinet from which fresh sandwiches can be sold.

All the Snackpoint range are fitted with SecureVend – an optical sensing system that guarantees the vend or returns the customer’s money.

  • Versatile model range
  • Near-silent refrigeration units
  • Triple-glazed display window
  • SecureVend guaranteed dispense


Width 900mm | Height 1830mm | Depth 790mm

Duo M

Width 910mm | Height 1830mm | Depth 790mm

Quinto, Duo L

Width 1060mm | Height 1830mm | Depth 790mm

Duo M model shown, with sandwich / food tray